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Many people write emulators, work at them for a few weeks, and drop the project. Some are actually released, but never surpass a rather primitive state (MAME is a prime example of this). The Editor's Choice Award (AREC) is here to honor those emulators that have reached greatness through hard and diligent work.

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The Essential Emulators
Callus (Capcom System 1 Arcade Emulator)
Bloodlust software have amazed many in the pats with NESticle and Genecyst, but their third lightning fast and easy to use emulator showed that Bloodlust still has some tricks up their sleeves! Emulating complicated Capcom classics such as Street Fighter II, Final Fight, the Punisher, Willow, UN Squadron, along with 52 others, Bloodlust software has outdone themselves once again.

KGen '98 (Incredible Genesis Emulator)
Steve Snake's second Genesis emulator, loosely based off of the original KGen, has taken the lead in Genesis emulators. SEGA of America must have been impressed also since their 1999 Sega Smash Hits release for the PC can be identified as a commissioned KGen '98 packaged with a GUI and ROMs when viewed with a HEX editor. KGen is one of those projects that bridges the gap between the commercial market and free distribution on the Internet.

MEKA (Sega Master System Emulator)
Omar Cornut's (Zoop) creation of many hours of hard work and testing by many individuals in emulation. MEKA is by far the most advanced Master System emulator offering support for many of the SMS periphials such as the SG1000, SC3000, and Game Gear. The support for these systems plus the SMS has made this definately something to look out for. With the beautiful GUI and user-friendly operations, it's no wonder as to why so many people have already decided MEKA is one emulator which will succeed above the others in due time.

NESticle (Nintendo Emulator)
While newer emulators such as fwNES and LoopyNES are currently making progress past NESticle, no other Nintendo emulator has been so widely used and popular as NESticle. Bloodlust Software's amazingly smooth menu systems combined with great compatibility and a wide range of options surpasses any other Nintendo emulator in it's ease of use.

PSEmuPro (Playstation Emulator)
Archaic Ruins was one of the first web sites to carry PSEmu back in the days when it was an MS-DOS based non-graphical emulator. From the very beginning, we took Duddie seriously and promoted his emulator; today, Duddie's PSEmuPro is one of the most incredible emulators out there! With the ability to play many popular Playstation games with the addition of 3DFX enhancement, PSEmuPro has taken emulation one step furthur than the original system could have!

SNES9x (Multi-Platform Super Nintendo Emulator)
SNES9x and ZSNES are currently the two most widely used Super Nintendo emulators. While SNES9x pales in comparison to ZSNES for speed, SNES9x does have the benefit of numerous ports to other platforms, greater compatibility, and a legacy of research and brain bashing.

Stella (Multi-Platform 2600 Emulator)
Stella has truly become an institute since emulation exploded in 1996. Stella is a silent warrior in the way that it has progressed through the years, been maintained for all platforms for all users, and without being forceful or flashy, became known as the most accurate and reliable emulator for the Atari 2600.

Retrocade (Multi-Game Arcade Emulator)
For those fans of MAME who tired of seeing arcade games slapped into the emulator by the truckload, Retrocade will be a breath of fresh air. Unlike MAME, Retrocade has focused on bringing the true experience of the arcade to users by providing them with an incredible simple interface, a wide range of support for hardware devices, and best yet -- Retrocade doesn't require the creation of loads of directories. Many add-ons have been released for Retrocade including game history information, interface updates, and enhanced sound... forget MAME -- isn't emulation supposed to feel like the real thing?

UltraHLE (Incredible Nintendo 64 Emulator)
UltraHLE arrived, caused havoc, was threatened, and disappeared. Now on the verge of a return, users can look forward to the continuation of this incredible emulator. Incase I forgot to mention it -- UltraHLE plays many of the top N64 games perfectly and incredible speeds on a Pentium II or AMD K6-2.

Virtual Gameboy (Multi-Platform Gameboy Emulator)
Marat Fayzullin's Virtual Gameboy was the emulator that started the console emulation scene. After its release, chat channels appeared, emulation web site boomed, each carrying little bits of information, and other authors began to realize what they could achieve. Virtual Gameboy is still a major competitor and has proven to be the most reliable Gameboy emulator with support for Color Gameboy, Super Gameboy, and the large library of available Gameboy software.

ZSNES (ASM Based Super Nintendo Emulator)
With Super Nintendo emulation, speed has always been a limiting factor. Unlike Playstation or N64 emulators, the Super Nintendo's instruction codes are very unlike those of a 3D Accelerator. ZSNES has managed to achieve quite a lot of speed due to it's lightning fast ASM core and wonderfully optimized coding. ZSNES features a small, simple, and fast GUI, support for many hardware devices, and support for many Super Nintendo peripherals including the mouse and Super Scope.

Incredible Completed Translation Patches

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