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Genem December 1996 Press Release
Markus Gietzen - December 4, 1996

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  1. Phantasy Star problem

    Unfortunately the "lock"-problem is still present. There is no way to solve it with the actual version.

  2. gennew.exe and .SAV files

    Before you try your favorite role-playing game with gennew.exe make a backup of your .SAV file first! Due to the nature of the bug in the new 68k-engine it's possible that your .SAV file could be damaged.

  3. Joystick problem

    Several PC-joysticks don't work with GenEm. I'll add a calibration-tool to GenEm. This new tool can be downloaded from my site ( soon. You'll get a mail when it's there.

  4. No further development before Christmas

    As I'm very busy with a commercial project (and with the college) I can't continue with GenEm before Christmas.

  5. New Genesis-Emulator in town

    There is a new project for a Genesis-emulator:

    It's mainly developed by Haruki Ikeda.

That's all for now,

Markus Gietzen

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