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Front Page Comes Back!
Jeremy Chadwick - January 29, 1997

After our previous IPP, Dynamik Networking, lost their T1 *TWICE* (from two different T1 providers, none the less!), we had no possible way to redirect accesses to another site. The reason for this is due to Dynamik Networking not even being able to provide working DNS, a *VERY* mediocre task. That's why whenever you'd try to visit anything on, nothing would work. Not to point fingers, but this is *NOT* our fault: it's the fault of Dynamik Networking.


I will try to be optimistic, stating what's going on:

After months of being completely out-of-touch with the real world, we are now beginning to slowly re-emerge from the pit of dispair.

Thanks to Dreamscape Creations ( and Fr0 Industries, we will be able to get the mildly-successful back online.

The most common question asked is "What has changed?"

Primarily, our hardware:

Previous Current ------------------------------------------------- 486 DX4/120 (AMD) Pentium 120 (Intel) Mylex MPXS486 MB SuperMicro P5STE MB 512k SRAM cache 512k PLB cachd 32MB FPM 70ns RAM 64MB EDO RAM 1.6GB EIDE MODE-3 HD 2.5GB EIDE MODE-4 HD Video-7 ISA EGA/VGA Trident PCI SVGA No monitor No monitor Fractional/multiplexed T1 33.6k USR (heh) The other major change, besides our look (wait and see what we mean... :-) ), is the fact that we're going to become a non-profit organization. No, we don't plan on getting, as it's pointless: Parodius Networking is a profit-based company, but our primary server will not bring in profit (though our users may do so if they wish). All donations and fees will go solely to reaching our future goals.


Dreamscape Creations has offered to host our DNS, as well as Fr0 Industries (who currently is having network problems of their own). Within the next few weeks, you will be able to actually visit in a limited number of ways.

Most importantly, you *WILL* be able to visit the (in?)famous URL very shortly. It will redirect you, but that's until we actually get our own network connection back up and going.

If you're an actual subscriber/user to/of, your Email can be redirected at your request. Email me (, telling me who you are, and where you wish your Email to go. Alas, you will not be able to use your shell account: this will be rectified once we get our own network connection. Any FTP or telnet accesses will actually end up going to Dreamscape Creations, not Parodius Networking. There's no real way I can fix this problem, folks. Sorry :-(

If you wish to get files or such from your account on, you may do so (but with limited bandwidth: 33.6k, to be specific) via the host Be wary using this site, however, as it is actually in my living quarters. I keep a very close eye on it, so don't try anything sneaky ;-)

That's not all. Our desired hardware:

------------------------------ Pentium 233 (Intel) Asus TX97 MB 512k PLB cachd 128MB SDRAM Adaptec 2940UW SCSI controller 5.0+GB Ultra-Wide SCSI-3 HD Dedicated T1 ------------------------------ We're looking forward to the day where the aforementioned becomes a reality.

We thank you for being patient and understanding.

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