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EFX interviews Tandrum
Rob Mocca - December 17, 1996

TaNdRuM buffer saved on Tue Dec 17 19:23:09 1996

so mr emulator? hows your emulator? any new versions soon? its been awhile...
I've been away for the last month...

I see... and did you ever get your nes programming manuals from that guy
there were a few deaths in teh family... my aunt and great aunt...

Photocopies sitting on my other desk... =]

thats cool... sorry about the deaths

so do you think you will have time to work on dnes over the holidays?

Until the 23rd... then I'm going away for a few days for Christmas... After that I'll have even more time... =]

thats cool
I also finally got a new HD for my Pentium, so now I can do more serious development... as soon as I get it all set up...

thats cool
yup... right now I'm setting up a temporary http server on my comp, so I can put my pages up, the server I use is down right now...

cool. when you think you'll have a release that will play < 32k carts?
I have to just get evrything set up and start coding...
thats cool
Right now it runs them, they just aren't playable..

But I have no idea, and I'm not setting anymore release dates like I did before... I don't like deadlines... especially for something that isn't commercial (and never will be...=])

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