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Top 50 Things NOT to Say in #Emu
Pyrotek - October 17, 1996

  1. Give me ops!
  2. Is there a N64 emulator?
  3. Send me some (insert your favorite console system here) roms!
  5. Does VSMC run (insert favorite SNES game here)?
  6. How do you get Pasofami to run?
  7. I made a Virtual Boy emulator! (you know who you are...)
  8. NEW VSMC! NEW VSMC! (only applies when there is no new release)
  9. AvatarZ: Are you making a TG16 emulator?
  10. Y0SHI: Can you send me Venes?
  11. Y0SHI: What runs on Venes?
  12. Y0SHI: Does sound work?
  13. Y0SHI: (insert any other dumb question here)
  14. The_Brain: I got Mario to walk on the main map! (DOH!)
  15. Typhoon_Z: Are you making a TG16 emulator?
  16. Send me the Sega-CD emulator.
  17. Is there a PSX emulator?
  18. Is there a Sega Saturn emulator?
  19. pYROtEK: You fuckin' lamer......
  20. Send me some N64 roms.
  21. The_Brain: Can I have some roms?
  22. Is there an SNES emu that runs ALL the games?
  23. Is there a Genesis emu that runs ALL the games?
  24. IceWizard: Gimme ops!
  25. Why does Mario walk so slow on VSMC?
  26. What??! DON'T run VSMC while in Win95??!
  27. It sez I dont have enough conventional memory, how do I free some up?
  28. Send me a Sega-CD rom.
  29. Can someone send me Phantasy Star 1 for SMS?
  30. Are there any emulators for the MAC?
  31. Why did Super Pasofami erase my Windows?
  32. Why is Paso/Super Paso all messed up?
  33. Why does Paso/SPaso always lock up?
  34. Does anyone have Mario 2, Mario 3, or Zelda 2 for iNES?
  35. Press Alt-F4 to get the new version of VSMC.
  36. pYROtEK: Why did you write that lame "Top 50" txt file?
  37. Linux sux
  38. HEY!! I USE AOL!!
  40. This is the Eastern Michigan Univeristy Channel!!
  41. You people will be prosecuted for using the E.M.U. channel for em's.
  42. VSMC is lame... VSMC will NEVER work.... VSMC blowz goats... etc.
  43. I have all the stars in Mario 64.....
  44. I have a Nintendo 64... brag brag brag :)
  45. GUS is better than SB32.
  46. SB32 is better than GUS.
  47. Whats an emulator?
  48. I have 500 GB games... does anyone have any more?
  49. Im getting pretty sick of writing this phile.
  50. I think you people get the point!

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