JAS-Multi Game
"After seeing the PATHETIC effort Namco made in emulating Mappy for the PC, running under winslows'95, I decided it was about time someone wrote a decent Namco emulation (for purely educational uses by owners of the original game boards). Having already learned 6809 assembly programming, through another project, I figured that writing a simulator in x86 assembler wouldn't be a big deal, well the 6809's hardly got any registers and only a small number of instructions (I think it's like 79 total).

"So after a little coding, and a lot of debuggering, the 6809 simulator lived, a few days after that 'hey presto' the Mappy emulator was born! Unlike the official Namco release, which when run on a Pentium Pro @ 233MHz (yes I overclock) only manages 96% original game speed (or only 31% if the screen is maximized ), mine achieves 100% speed of the original, even on an old Pentium 90 !! Maybee I need MMX, hah hah hah...."

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JAS-Multi Game Compatibility List
  1. Dig Dug 2
  2. Galaga 3
  3. Gaplus
  1. Mappy
  2. Pac-Land
  3. SkyKid
  1. Super Pacman

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