JUNO First
Chris Hardy
JUNO First is somewhat similar to RAGE in its support, but still runs many games that RAGE doesn't. JUNO First was released shortly before RAGE and supports almost the same amount of games.


  • Lots of things to do to get Crystal Castles fully running.. Go play it on Mame ;-)
  • Screen clipping on Juno First and Tutankham
  • Most of the sound effects for Tutankham are missing
  • High score's aren't remembered in the bootleg version.
  • Tabletop mode doesn't work as I'm not supporting screen flipping.
  • Circus Charlie dipswitches are correct except for 4-7. I'm pretty sure they are difficulty. Can anyone confirm this?
To Do
  • Add Z80, AY-8910 and multi-processor capability so I can emulate the sound chips properly instead of using samples. (Which sound better though ;-)
  • Fix Crystal Castles and add Pokey emulation
  • Lots more...

Download JUNO First
JUNO First for Win9x [Homepage]
JUNO First Compatibility List
  1. Circus Charlie Rev. 1
  2. Circus Charlie Rev. 2
  3. Crystal Castles
  4. Hyper Sports
  5. Juno First
  6. Legend of Hero Tonma
  1. Rock'n Rope
  2. R-Type I
  3. R-Type II
  4. Track n' Field
  5. Tutankham

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