Killer Multi Emulator
Michael Cuddy
"You are holding in your hot-little-hands (disk?), the latest and greatest version of my emulation system 'KEM'.

"'KEM' used to stand for KONAMI EMULATOR, but since I added the Bally/Midway "MCR" emulations (Tron, Et. Al.), I decided to change the name to KILLER EMULATOR. I could have picked MIKE'S EMULATOR, but "MEM" was a stupid name, and "FEM" for FEN'S ENDE EMULATOR was kinda lame, too. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH... I hate writing manuals...

"This emulator started out as a GYRUSS emulator. It was the first, and was written when I knew very little about emulation (as opposed to now, when I have passed knowing "very little" about emulation, and have risen to "kind know what's going on" ....).

"GYRUSS begat TIME PILOT, which begat POOYAN, and then, silly me realized that these stupid emulations had about 90 percent common code between them. Thus, KEM was born. I ripped the good, and the bad, from GYRUSS, TIME PILOT, and POOYAN, turning nasty ugly compile time constants into nasty global variables, added a configuration script "language", and VIOLA', a multi- emulator.

"Well, after poking about on the net, and finding schematics for TRON, I decided that I should emulate TWO TIGERS. Well, I always sucked at TRON, but I was always the one with the "ALL TIME HIGH SCORE" on TWO TIGERS whenever I could find it, and since TRON and TWO TIGERS used the same hardware (BALLY MCR/II), I decided to kill two birds with one stone, and emulated them both.

"Most of the code from the KONAMI style emulators was reused in the MCR2 emulation core; the CPU's, audio stuff, etc., but the configuration language lacked something (and, by all rights, still does .. I'll get to that later), so I hacked, and I hacked, and I blew the config file in!"

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Killer Multi-Emulator Compatibility List
  1. Blueprint
  2. Demolition Derby
  3. Domino Man
  4. Discs of Tron
  5. Gyruss
  6. Journey
  1. Kickman
  2. Pooyan
  3. Rampage
  4. Satan's Hollow
  5. Solar Fox
  6. Tapper
  1. Timber
  2. Time Pilot
  3. Tron
  4. Two Tigers
  5. Wacko

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