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"MAME is strictly a no profit project. Its main purpose is to be a reference to the inner workings of the emulated arcade machines. This is done for educational purposes and to preserve many historical games from the oblivion they would sink into when the hardware they run on will stop working. Of course to preserve the games you must also be able to actually play them; you can see that as a nice side effect.

"It is not our intention to infringe any copyrights or patents pending on the original games. All of the source code is either our own or freely available. To work, the emulator requires ROMs of the original arcade machines, which must be provided by the user. No portion of the code of the original ROMs is included in the executable."

MAME Update Information
While I don't use MAME myself, I do know that it is a very developed program. MAME has support for over 1,000 games now and that just amazes me. In the future you may see a MAME page here with current binaries for download. As of now, I nor the other maintainers do not have the time nor energy to be constantly updating MAME releases. Listed below is a list of MAME homepages where you can find the latest releases at and also download the latest supported version, v0.34.
Download MAME

MAME Source Code
"The source code cannot be used in a commercial product without a written authorization of the authors. Use in non commercial products is allowed and indeed encouraged; however if you use portions of the MAME source code in your program, you must make the full source code freely available as well. Derivative works are allowed (provided source code is available), but discouraged: MAME is a project continuously evolving, and you should, in your best interest, submit your contributions to the development team, so that they are integrated in the main distribution. Usage of the _information_ contained in the source code is free for any use. However, given the amount of time and energy it took to collect this information, we would appreciate if you made the additional information you might have freely available as well."

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