Jose Tejada Gomez
"Before Paul Leamann's GnG I aimed to program a GnG emulator, but I did not have time. Then Rob Ventura presented his faboluos gem32, and soon MAME offered *perfect* GnG emulation... The summer came, and with it free time. I eventually have programmed my own GnG emulator, and what can it offer?

"The major contribution of MAPEFER3 is an emulation faster than Mame. The whole CPU emulation is done in assembler (it would be faster if I emulated page flipping without copy memory blocks -- well perhaps some day) The palette is only changed when it is needed so you will not get 'strange lines' running on the screen like in MAME. You can change frame skipping with F1-F4. Also you can SAVE YOUR GAME with F5 and RESTORE it with F6. Using F7-F10 you will change game difficult from "easy" to "very difficult", default is 'normal(F8)' With 'P' you can pause the game, 'T' will restart the game in test mode and 'S' will save the screen into 'GNG.PCX'"

Download Mapefer3
Mapefer3 for MS-DOS
Mapefer3 Compatibility List
  1. Diamond Run
  2. Ghosts 'n' Goblins
  3. Ghost 'n' Goblins "Cross"

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