Real Arcade Game Emulator (RAGE)
Anders Nilsson and Janne Korpela
"We are two arcade lovers that have been emulating game for a short while now. Our first goal is to emulate as many SNK & Capcom games as possible, but games from other game companies may also be included (when we find them attractive enough). If you have roms for any SNK or Capcom game thats not out on the public roms sites please let us know."

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RAGE for MS-DOS [Homepage]
RAGE Compatibility List
  1. 1943
  2. 1943 KAI
  3. Blade Master
  4. Dragon Breed
  5. Gun Force
  6. Gunsmoke (Japanese)
  7. Gunsmoke (US)
  1. Hammerin' Harry
  2. Ikari Warriors (Jap)
  3. Image Fight
  4. Ikari Warriors (US)
  5. In the Hunt
  6. Legend of Hero Tonma
  7. Ninja Spirit
  1. R-Type (Japanese)
  2. R-Type (US)
  3. R-Type II (US)
  4. SonSon
  5. TNK3
  6. Undercover Cops
  7. Victory Road

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