Editor's Choice Winner!
by The Retrocade Alliance
Retrocade offers advanced emulation performance by utilizing 100% assembly language CPU emulators in both the DOS and Windows 32-bit versions, as well as highly optimized display code (supports linear frame buffer access via VESA 2.0, as well as dirty buffering). Full sound support is offered as well both through sound-chip emulation and the use of high quality (16-bit @ 44.1 KHz) samples and sample-playing techniques (real-time mixing of samples with other samples as well as emulated sound).

But wait, that's not all! Retrocade also supports a wide array of controller devices. Analog and digital joysticks, the Microsoft Sidewinder (PC versions only), the Wingman Warrior digital joystick (PC versions only), pretty much any mouse on the planet, and of course your good ol' trusty keyboard. There's even a default configuration set for use with the V-Stick controller. Support for additional controller devices such as the GRiP pad may be added in the future. You can configure the controls for all of the emulations any way you wish, even mixing controllers such as mouse with keyboard, analog joystick and mouse, etc.

No proper emulator would be complete without support for backdrops, as well as realistic vector effects such as glowing vector dots, translucency, and anti-aliasing. Of course Retrocade offers all of these, and in 100% assembly to boot (PC only).

You will find that Retrocade has a great deal to offer over many other arcade emulators, including an easy-to-use graphical user interface (as well as command line options), ROM and sample compression for added disk space savings, and easy installation and configuration. Retrocade doesn't require creating large numbers of directories, editing lots of complicated text files, or invoking obscure and difficult-to-remember command parameters. Yet, it's fully compatible with the directory structure of popular multi- machine arcade emulators.

  • Homepage: http://www.retrocade.com/
  • License: Freeware
  • Released: May 23, 1999
  • Language: English
  • Platform: MS-DOS
  • Programmed in: Assembly

  1. 1942 (New)
  2. Amidar
  3. Arch Rivals
  4. Arkanoid
  5. Armor Attack
  6. Asteroids
  7. Asteroids Deluxe
  8. Barrier
  9. Battle Zone
  10. Berzerk
  11. Black Widow
  12. Blaster (New)
  13. Blasteroids
  14. Boothill
  15. Bosconian
  16. Boxing Bugs
  17. Bubbles
  18. Burger Time
  19. Centipede
  20. Cloak and Dagger
  21. Crater Raider
  22. Crush Roller
  23. Crystal Castles
  24. Defender
  25. Demon
  26. Destruction Derby
  27. Dig Dug I
  28. Dig Dug II (New)
  29. Discs of Tron
  30. Domino Man
  31. Donkey Kong
  32. Donkey Kong Jr.
  33. Fantasy
  34. Food Fight
  35. Football
  36. Frenzy
  37. Frogger
  38. Galaga
  1. Galaxian
  2. Gravitar
  3. Gyruss
  4. Journey
  5. Joust
  6. Kickman
  7. Klax
  8. Lunar Lander
  9. Lunar Rescue
  10. Major Havoc
  11. Mappy (New)
  12. Mario Bros. (New)
  13. Max RPM
  14. Missle Command
  15. Moon Cresta
  16. Mr. Do! (New)
  17. Ms. Pacman
  18. Ms. Pacman Plus
  19. Nibbler
  20. Omega Race
  21. Pacman
  22. Phoenix
  23. Pioneer Balloon
  24. Piranha
  25. Pleiads
  26. Power Drive
  27. Quantum
  28. Rampage
  29. Red Baron
  30. Return to Vax
  31. Rip Off
  32. Robotron 2084
  33. Root Beer Tapper
  34. Sarge
  35. Satan's Hollow
  36. Scramble
  37. Sinistar
  38. Sinistar (Rare)
  1. Snowbros
  2. Solar Fox
  3. Solar Quest
  4. Space Duel
  5. Space Invaders
  6. Space Invaders Part 2
  7. Space Wars
  8. Spectar
  9. Speed Freak
  10. Splat
  11. Spy Hunter
  12. Super Cobra
  13. Super Space Invaders
  14. Star Castle
  15. Stargate
  16. Starhawk
  17. Star Wars
  18. Sundance
  19. Tail Gunner
  20. Tapper
  21. Targ
  22. Tempest
  23. Tempest Tubes
  24. The End
  25. Timber
  26. Time Pilot
  27. Toobin' (New)
  28. Tron
  29. Tutankham
  30. Two Tigers
  31. Vanguard
  32. Vulgus (New)
  33. Wacko
  34. Warrior
  35. War of the Worlds
  36. Xenophobe
  37. Yie Ar Kung-Fu
  38. Zero Zone


Retrocade Current Beta

When downloading Beta releases remember that the PAK files from the most current full public release must be used to make Retrocade run. You do not have to re-download them but just put the Beta executable into your Retrocade directory. Also, if you want sound in any new games added, you must download the available sound samples.


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