Vector Dream
Peter Hirschberg
"Remember back when you were 12, and had $5.00 of tokens in your pocket to play Asteroids? Well, so do I. The sights, sounds, and smells. Vector Dream attempts to do more than just 'run the ROMs'. Vector Dream strives to CAPTURE THE EXPERIENCE of those days gone past, and provide you with the PRESENCE of a real arcade game. If I could have somehow supplied the smell of hot particle board and dusty high voltage components (or frying transistors, as some of you have jokingly suggested),I would have. I have owned some of these classic machines for years now, as well as having spent quite a few years repairing them for a living. There is more to an arcade game than simply software! I plan on lavishing each emulated game with the attention to small details that it deserves."


  • Place any image behind the screen! (Useful for simulating overlays and two-way mirrored games!)
  • Wu anti-aliased vector lines!
  • Full sound support using DirectSound
  • Fully resizable window with auto-scaling and optional aspect ratio lock
  • Optional full screen mode
  • Uses Neil Bradley's m6502 CPU code (100% assembly)
  • GUI configuration dialogs
  • Configurable dipswitches and key mapping
  • Mouse support for Lunar Lander
  • Control panel simulation
  • Virtual monitor controls (contrast, brightness, etc)
  • "Dirty rectangle" screen updating algorithm for increased speed
  • Coin drop sound effects
  • Monitor deflection coil sound effects
  • AC line noise sound effects
  • Native Windowsc 95/NT

Download Vector Dream
Vector Dream for Win9x [Homepage]
Vector Dream Compatibility List
  1. Asteroids
  2. Asteroids Deluxe
  1. Battlezone
  2. Lunar Lander
  1. Red Baron
  2. Tempest

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