Williams Arcade Classics
by Jeff Vavosour (?)
The Williams Arcade Classics emulator was released as a commercial bundle of six games. For each game, an excecutable file with the original ROMs embedded is present with all additional emulation coding and remastered sound effects with more clarity than the original machine. The games included in the package were Joust, Defender, Defender 2, Robotron 2010, Sinistar, and Bubble. Versions are available less than $30 in many "discount bins" at most commercial software retailers for MS-DOS, Windows 95, and MacOS.

6-29-98: I was shopping at Software Etc. a week ago and saw 'Williams Arcade Classics Volume 2' that included another set of games including Joust 2 and Spy Hunter among others. It was priced at $20.

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