Nicolas Hamel and David Michel
"What is it? xDragon is our attempt at emulating the arcade games of 1988/89 by Data East on a IBM clone pc.. running DOS and a 32-bit extender. Further it is FREEWARE and will stay so for life. Please read further down the page to learn more about the condisions of use...

"How is this done? It sounds simple but in practice it's not as easy a task... Firstly one finds the romsets of the games you wish to emulate. Next step would be to gather as much infomation on the game as humanly possible. By this I mean, the real technical information, in/outputs, circuit schemes...everything. With all that done it's time to emulate the functions of the hardware via software. Now everything gets bound together into a program (with documents and instructions which nobody borthers to read). Then finally with lots of hacking and some help from Lady Luck, the whole thing works and is released.

"Why are we doing this? I get asked this a lot... In a nutshell, it's fun. For the emulator-programers it's like a puzzle, it's sometimes nice to spend hours coding in really weird ASM and C language, thinking of colourful and creative ways of implimenting aspects of the hardware on the pc. For the end user, probaly you, it's all about memories. When we play these games we are reminded of those young days. Seeing as we're in our 20's now these games remind us of our teen years. Of school holidays when you would pump your last savings into the coin slot. When perhaps...life was better. It's not about piracy, as most people would like to think. An emulator will never replace the joy of playing on a real arcade cabinet..."


  • Full 68000 emulator, using Starscream
  • Full 6502 emulator (in ASM)
  • Horizontal and vertical scrolling supported
  • Background priorities supported
  • Players input (1 & 2) supported, using keyboard or joystick
  • ALL graphics parts coded in ASM.
  • Sprite supported at 99% (priority not perfect yet)
  • Sound FX supported.
  • Music FM supported.

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xDragon Compatibility List
  1. Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja
  2. Dragon Ninja
  3. Robocop

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