Bernat and Juan
"ZEM is a Sega Arcade Emulator for DOS, by Bernat Arlandis Ma¤¢ & Juan Arnal Arlandis. This program is freeware. You can use it, share it and distribute it as long as you don't make any changes to the files included nor charge any money for it. And please, do NOT distribute it with roms.

"This emulator is the new version of the WBMLEMU beta released a month ago. Check our homepage at EmuCamp for updates and more info.

"This is a DOS program that emulates some arcade games. It's written using C and assembler. All is made by us. We currently only emulate the Z80 processor. Our immediate goal is to emulate a lot of Z80 games that are still not emulated. We know many of these games will be soon emulated by the MAME team, but their emulation is really slow and sometimes inaccurate. Besides, we like what we are doing. We do this in our free time, and currently, that is very little time. So, the development will be very slow this days, there's nothing we can do about it. :("

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