Anders Granlund
"GB-CHIP8 is an emulator that allows you to play CHIP8 and SUPER-CHIP8 games on your Gameboy or Gameboy-emulator (see 2.0 for details of how to use it). Everything on the CHIP8/SCHIP8 is emulated so all games *should* work fine. The emulator is written in assembler (TASM with Jeff Frohwein's Gameboy table) and will emulate the CHIP8 in full speed.. The SCHIP8 game could be slower than the original in some games.

"The source code for the emulator is included and you are free to modify it for your own purpouse. You are however *not* allowed to spread modified copies of it on the internet or elsewhere.

"The source is unfortually not richly commented as I didn't plan to release the source, but there are some comments and they are in English...


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