Ulrick Doewich
"CPE can emulate all three CPC models on your PC. In fact, it always emulates 6128 hardware, but this will never cause you any trouble, since there have been really no changes in the hardware; only extensions. Which model you get is determined by the contents of the ROM files. More about that later.

"All documented hardware features are emulated. Of course, some things cannot be duplicated exactly on a totally different system. The PC's keyboard layout differs from that of the CPC keyboard, so you may have some trouble finding some keys when you first start using CPE.

"CPE.EXE will always perform at the exact speed of a CPC, unless you tell it not to. If your system is fast enough, there will be no difference to a real CPC.

"By now, almost 100% of the CPC is emulated. Recent additions are overscan screens, the 'split screen' technique, and those nifty 32K screens that some demos use to display huge pictures.

"Some demos do very weird things to the CRTC. While many split-screen effects are emulated quite well in this version, there are others which are problematic.

"A big problem is the accuracy of the interrupt emulation. The Gate Array sometimes behaves in a weird manner, and I have not yet completely figured out the pattern..

"Sound emulation is "nearly" perfect, except that sampled speech/ sound effects are not reproduced correctly. This might change in a future version..

"Emulation of the FDC is about 99% done. The missing bits are the emulation of the Overrun condition, and emulation of GAP#3. The latter will probably never happen since the required information is actually not present in the current DSK format."

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