by Microcode Solutions
"PCx is an all new 80x86 emulation. (Pentium and 686 instruction set, including Intel undocumented P5 instructions).

"A DEMO disk is now available for free download. This allows you to try before you buy. There are restrictions on the DEMO version as follows:"

  • Limit of 4MBytes of total memory selectable.
  • Video modes cannot be altered.
  • Partitions cannot be selected.
  • Hardfiles limited to 16MBytes.
  • Only one device selectable.
  • No serial or parallel support.
  • Digital audio channel not supported.
  • No transcription support.
  • No turbo support.
  • Configuration cannot be saved.
  • pcxaspi.sys and pcxcd.sys are *NOT* included with DEMO!
The full version is free of cripples and fully emulates the following:

  • Runs on *ANY* Amiga with a 68020 or later processor.
  • Emulation is software-only, *NO* additional hardware (like EMPLANT) is required.
  • Slick user interface, without the mess of multiple windows.
  • Self configuring.
  • Intel Pentium Processor(tm) instruction set.
  • Sound Blaster (mono) emulation.
  • MDA/CGA/EGA/VGA support.
  • CPU Transcription.
  • CPU Turbo.
  • Video board support.
  • Graffiti Graphics box support.
  • Selectable display modes (from display database).
  • Does NOT require a BIOS.
  • ASPI compliant SCSI manager.
  • Ability to mount Amiga partitions on PC side.
  • CD-ROM support.

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