SoftWindows '95
by Insignia Solutions
"Now you don't have to buy a second computer to take advantage of Windows 95 applications! Just install SoftWindows 95 on your Power Macintosh and start running any Windows 95 application right alongside Power Mac applications. Better still, SoftWindows' innovative TurboStart feature will enable your Power Mac to launch Windows 95 in a fraction of the time it takes a PC. And, Version 5.0 is faster than ever before, improving performance over version 4.0 by up to 25%. You will see improvements when you pull down menus, interact with Windows applications or play games.

"SoftWindows 95 has Microsoft Windows 95 pre-installed to ensure ease of use and convenience. Version 5.0 also includes Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0, Netscape Navigator 3.0 and EarthLink Network TotalAccess software for complete access to the Internet and corporate intranets. This gives you easy Internet access with the browser of your choice. You can browse active Web pages with Java and ActiveX and access and run PC files on the Internet and intranet. It's that simple!" SoftWindows '95 brags the following:

  • 25% faster using WinBench 97
  • Windows 95 feels faster - snappier interface
  • Still up to twice the speed of the competition
  • Great DOS games performance
  • Fastest DirectX Windows 95 games performance of any software solution
  • Don't forget TurboStart - breakthrough technology!
  • Includes all of the technologies of RealPC
  • Sound Blaster Pro and Sound Blaster 16 compatibility
  • Pentium with MMX support - run the latest PC applications
  • Joystick support - use popular Mac joysticks to drive PC applications
  • Fast floating point - great for games
  • Fast SVGA and VESA graphics - great for games
SoftWindows also includes a bundle of software as follows:

  • Includes EarthLink Network TotalAccess
  • Includes Netscape Navigator 3.0
  • Includes Internet Explorer 3.0
  • Personal start page
  • Supports Java and ActiveX for viewing dynamic Web pages
  • Real Audio/Macromedia ShockWave/Adobe Acrobat Reader/Aladdin's
  • StuffIt Expander/PKWARE's PKZIP/UNZIP
  • Viewers for Word/Excel/PowerPoint
  • Fetch/QuickTime Movie Player
  • Surfwatch/Webworkshop/Internet Coach
  • ... and many more
A free 3Dfx upgrade is available from Insignia Solutions.
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