Virtual PC
by Connectix Corporation
"With Connectix Virtual PC, you can run PC software - including business, entertainment, and home applications - right on your Power Mac. Connectix Virtual PC is a Power Mac application that installs easily so you can run your favorite PC software titles without investing in additional expensive hardware. With Connectix Virtual PC, you get a complete solution, the ultimate in compatibility and playable performance.

"Connectix Virtual PC is a complete standards-based Pentium MMX PC in software using standards-based components, such as Sound Blaster Pro and S3 Video. Install and run the PC software you want - right out of the box. Virtual PC is now localized for use in other countries (click here for more international info), but the English version is quite capable of running the full range of operating systems regardless of which language they are in, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, etc. (other OS's may or may not be included - they can be installed into Virtual PC as you would any PC machine)" A future MS-DOS only version of Virtual-PC will soon be released for $69 and will include:

  • Virtual PC CD ROM and Manual
  • IBM PC DOS and Manual
  • Full retail versions of popular sports games from
  • Electronic Arts: Madden NFL Football (LE), PGA
  • Tour 96 and the Need for Speed (SE)

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Virtual PC v2.0.1 for MacOS [
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