Project UnReality
Mike Tedder
"Welp, it's that time again. Version 0.4a.-1 is available on the download page. Why the -1? Well, I didn't get everything done I wanted to, so this is isn't really the v0.4a that I wanted to release. Hence, it's -1. :) However, before you download the latest version, I'd like to say a few things... please read them all, as it affects Project UnReality and its future as a whole.

"Here I am, almost 9 months into the development of Project UnReality. It's come a long way (and gotten here rather quickly too). Unfortunately, a combination of "bad things" has put Project UnReality on the back burner for now. Have I been contacted by Nintendo? No. These "bad things" range from code burnout (I'm simply getting tired of working on Project UnReality) to what I would consider "ripping". I go into some detail on the ripping in the documentation included in the ZIP, but I'll reiterate some of it here...

"I've been contacted by lots of people who have been designing their own Nintendo 64 emulators, using mine for a basis of testing theirs. While I have no outstanding problems with this, I feel my code has been "ripped" in a way. While Brian and I slaved over reverse-engineering existing code and opcodes, all of the information anyone needs to build another emulator can simply be found using Project UnReality's debugger. I just don't see justification in me doing all the hard work and "giving" all the other information to everyone else. For this reason, v0.4a.-1 and all newer builds of Project UnReality will *not* have a built-in debugger.

"If you feel you have a need for a debugger, email me and explain why you think it would be useful. If you're an official Nintendo 64 developer, however, email me and we'll talk. There's a really nice RSP debugger and RSP assembler/dissasembler available for your use...

"I'm also going through a burn-out phase right now... so I probably won't even look at the source for another 2-3 weeks. My interests lie elsewhere right now. (Side note: you probably won't see me on IRC nearly as much either.) I will most likely be picking back up on Zengine or doing some other 3D work... possibly even plug-ins for 3D Studio MAX.

"Whenever I *do* pick Project UnReality back up again, there will no longer be any more "daily updates". I've enjoyed it thus far, but alas, no more. I will also *not* strive to make "release quality" builds of Project UnReality in the future. This means that I'll randomly update with new news and most likely distribute a new version at that same time. These should be considered beta (hrm, maybe even worse :) ) versions, and not stable builds like the current releases.

"In closing, I must reiterate that Project UnReality has not been dropped. Work will continue at some point, and it will be publicly handled in a very different manner. The next news update you see will be when I've done something neat -- perhaps fixed the sprite problem in MKT, and most likely followed by a new release.

"I'm off to E3 on the 27th, so if you run into me, feel free to say a hello. :) Chao!"

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