Reality 64
Gordon Hollingworth
"The aim of the Reality64 project is to fully emulate the Nintendo 64 games console on a PC running Microsoft Windows 95. This will be a long and hard task, but I think it will be well worth the effort.

"Version 0.1a is available for download from the archive page. I cannot emphasise enough that this release is a *CPU Only* release and will not play games, graphics or sounds (these features will be emulated in later versions). The documentation is also missing at this point as it is not yet complete, however, the application is fairly self-explanitory.

"I am releasing it to you so that I can get feedback about unhandled opcodes and the like and to see if there are any machine/hardware specific problems. There are still several *Unmapped Memory* issues and other minor problems in the emulator but these will be fixed in v0.1b which should be released in the next few weeks."

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