Dan Boris
"I began development of this emulator in the Fall of '96 and quickly found out that there was almost no technical information available on this machine. I started out with the Intel 8048 data book (the processor the O2 uses) and started to work out all the technical information on my own. I traced out the circuit, developed a cart reader and a development system, and slowly figured out how the system works.

"The emulator went through a number of changes between version 0.50 and 0.60. I have moved from Borland C (which served me well during initial development) to DJGPP. I have re-written the routines that render the screen so that games like Cosmic Conflict run better and games like Dynasty are now playable. I have adjusted the colors and made quite a few bug fixes which allow more games to run accuratly. I have also added support a joystick, and a speed limiter which should allow games to run at the correct speed."




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