Johan Klockars
QLem is an interesting emulator that the author is developing with the help of various Atari ST emulators.

What's known to work:

  • JS rom dumps
  • Screen emulation on monochrome and colour monitors
  • TOS/DOS floppy support (root directory only)
  • With TrumpCard 1.21 rom dump, read and write(no error checks) of QL disks
  • Boot from flp1_boot(QL disk with TrumpCard 1.21)

What _should_ work, but hasn't been tested since '92:

  • JM rom dumps
  • Parallel port (PAR)
  • Second disk drive
  • Joystick emulation (arrow keys)
  • Changeable delay for games (see DELAY below)
  • Boot from dsk1_boot (TOS/DOS disk)

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QLem for the Atari ST [Homepage]
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QL2ST (Disk Formatter) for the Atari ST
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