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Derrick C. Sobodash alias Shadow
Current Employment:
Taco Bell (I'm only 15)
High School Graduated:
Attending Notre Dame Prep
College Graduated:
I'm not that far yet.

Favorite Movie:
Star Wars Trilogy
Favorite Television Show:
I don't watch television.
Favorite Musician(s):
Come to think of it, I don't listen to music either.
Favorite Song:
See above.
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Store:
Radio Shack
Favorite Country/State to Visit:
Favorite Expression:
"And I care because...?"

Favorite Computer Game:
Favorite Video Game:
Lufia and the Fortress of Doom/Rise of the Sinistrals
Computer Preference (Mac, IBM-PC, Amiga, etc.):
Computers Owned:
1 IBM-PC Jr. 2 IBM-PC's
Consoles Owned:
Atari 2600, Nintendo, Game Gear, Super Nintendo, and Playstation
First Console:
Atari 2600
First Computer:
Computer Languages Known:
Visual Basic (I know it sucks), Basic, Some JAVA, Perl, HTML, beginning C++

Contribution(s) to Emulation:
I helped for the new group whose page will be up soon, RPGe (you'll see), Have done much of the FF5e translation along with David Timko, David Pavlisak, and Ben Roth, and am currently working on the framework (getting all the new English stuff in and plot research) for the upcoming Seiken Densetsu 3 translation.

Miscellaneous Comments:
I seem to have sprung up from nowhere as I just appeared in this so called "mess" back in April. I hope to be around the emulation scene for many more years and hope to participate in many more exciting and innovative projects such as FF5e. Expect many more things to come from my corner of the ring. ----------------------------------- | Shadow's Realm | || ----------------------------------- ____________ ~~~~!M / \ ~~~~~!MM | You're in my | ~~~!!!!!MM | world now. \ ~!~!!!!!!MMM \______________ \ !~~~~~!MMMMM \_\ ~~~~!!!!MMMMM Emulating ~!!!!!!!MMMMM !!!!!MMMM$MM Squaresoft MM!MMMMMM$MM MMM$$$$$$M FFV Translation M$$$$$$M$M M!$$$$$MM$M Anime MMMM ~!$MMMMM$$M M!~~!!!MMMMM\ MMMMM~MMMMM$$$$M M!~!!!~~!~~=====!!MMM~!!!MM$$$$$M M!!!!!/ M$M!MM!!!M$$$$$$$M $$$!MMMM!$$$$$$$$$$M Host for the best M$!M$!M$M$$$M$$ $M MM$!M$~MM$$MM$$ $M of the internet! !MMM$$$~!MMMM$$ $M ~!!MMM$$$~!!M$$$ $M Currently getting M~!!MMM$$MMMM$$ $M M~!!MMMM$$$$$$ $M 100+ hits a day! M~!!MMMM$$$ $M M~~!!MMMM $$ Come into my abode M~!!MM $M ~ M~~!! $$M ~! M~! $$$$M ~!! M~~ $$$$MM ~!!!M M~ $$$$$$M !!!MMM ~ $$$$$M$MM !MMM ~ $$$$$M$$M ~!! $!$$$M$$MM $~!! $$$!M$$$M$$$M $$$$~~! !$~!$$$$$$$$$M $$$$! $~ !$~!$$$$~~~!M $$$~!!!!$$$~ ~!!$$$~~~~~!MM $$~!!!! $$$ ~ $$$$M~~~~~!!MM !!!! $$$ ~ $$$$$~~~!!!MMM ! $$$ M$$$$!~~~~~!!MM $$ ~M$$$$!~~~~!!!MM !MM$$$!~~~~!!!MM !~MM$$$$!~~~!MMMM ~!M!M$$$!~~~!!MMMM !~~!MM$$$~~!!!MMMM !!!~!MM$$!!!!MMMM M !!!!MMM$$$$$$$MMMMMM !!!!MMMM$$$$$$~~MM$$M !!!!MM$$$$$$$$~~~!MM$$M !!!!!MMM$$$$$$$~~!!MM$$M ~~!!!MMMMM$$$$$~~~!!MM$$M ~!!!!MMMMMM$$$$$~~~!!MM$$M ~~!!MMMMM$$$$$$$~~!!!MM$M ~~~!!!MMM$$$$$$$$~~!!!MM$M ~~~~!!!M$$$$$$$$$$~~!!!M$$M ~~~!!MMM$$$$$$$$$$~!!!MM$M ~~!!MMM$$$$$$$$$$M~!!!M$$M ~~!MMM$$$$$$$$$MM$!~!!!M$M ~!!MM$$$$$$$$$MMM$M~!!M$MM !!MMM$$$$$MMMMMMM$!!!!MMM MMMMM$$$MMMMMMMM$~!!!MMM MMMM$$$MMMM ~!!MMMM MMMMMMM ~!!!MM MMMM ~!!MMM !!!!M !MMM$ M$$M$ $$$$$ MMM$$ MMM$$ MMMM$ MM!MM$ !!!MM$ ~!~MM$ ~~!MM$ ~!MMMM ~!MMMM ~!!MMM ~!MMM MMMM
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