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These aren't exactly clones... they aren't exactly rip-offs. They are faithful recreations. A similar engine, similar graphics, gameplay -- whatever. These 'clones' are the work of obsessed programmers who want to recreate the feeling of consoles on the PC. Who would want to emulate Bomberman and try to network it? Why not create a freeware network Bomberman for the PC that excels past the console version and takes advantage of the PC?

Know a good clone? E-mail Chris.

Bomberman Clones

Mr. Boom is an awesome six level 8-player clone of Bomberman featuring multiplayer fights on a solitary computer or network. Sound is available for those with a GUS. (Highly Recommended)

For a slightly more primitive Bomberman clone that is currently only a demo, check out Bomberman PC.

Dragon Warrior Clones

While Fire BeLL have many incomplete projects, Dragon Warrior PC is well on its way to being a full game. The current demo is more than playable at it's current state!

Final Fantasy Clones

Fire BeLL's Final Fantasy clone is explorable, but not a full game. Dream Quest is suprisingly well done and would be a wonderful base for a game -- however ... it isn't used as anything but an elaborate demo =).

Super Mario Bros. Clones

Fire BeLL have created a pretty mediocre Super Mario Bros. engine clone entitled Mario PC. While graphics are accurate, the engine is extremely rigid.

Kaboom Clone

Bombman! v2.5, not to be mistaken with Bomberman, is a remake of the classic Atari 2600 game, Kaboom, written by Israel G for Win95. In this game there is a criminal at the top of the screen constantly moving back and forth dropping bombs. You control three buckets of water at the bottom of the screen with the mouse and you have to catch all of the bombs before any hit the bottom of the screen. If you miss a bomb, you will lose one of your buckets. And when you lose all of the buckets, the game is over.

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