Nintendo's Game & Watch
Crabgrab (Super Color)

Date: 2/21/84
Not much I can say about this strangely shaped Game & Watch since I've not had a chance to play it and the picture is too bad to interpret it either, sorry.

Climber (Crystal Screen)

Date: 7/86 Climber here is not what I'd call the more traditional simplistic and also repetitive type of Game & Watch, this was a full blown adventure in which you climb higher and higher avoiding walking bricks and weird flying birds. This game came with great sound and nice graphics, the gameplay even varied.

Climber (Wide Screen)

Click here to see the box art.

Date: 3/88
Here we have the product of a change and shortening(in size of box) of the game Climber. Nothing different here, just an overhaul of the original above.

Chef(Wide Screen)

Date: 9/8/81
The game here is simple, keep the food off the floor and get it over to where you intended to deliver it, not much in the line of fun or replay value, oh well.