Nintendo's Game & Watch
Donkey Kong (Multi Screen)

Date: 6/3/82
Here we have the game Donkey Kong which is one of the most fun of all the games in the Game & Watch series. Here this one has many elements that are the same, but some that are also different from the Arcade game making it a new and highly addictive new challenge.

Donkey Kong II (Multi Screen)

Date: 3/7/83
Here is the continuation of sorts from the first Donkey Kong handheld. In this quest you have to watch out for birds, clap traps, and deadly sparks in the journey to save Donkey Kong with the assistance of Donkey Kong Jr. from Mario. So If you've liked Donkey Kong Jr arcade in the past, this should make you happy.

Donkey Kong Jr. (Wide Screen)

Date: 10/26/83
The first in a line of Donkey Kong Jr. games for the Game & Watch series. In this version you play out basically the first stage of the arcade Donkey Kong Jr., but it ends with you collecting 4 keys to free Donkey Kong. A real hard, but also a real fun game and one to get.

Donkey Kong Jr. (Tabletop)

Date: 4/28/83
The next in the line of the Donkey Kong Jr. Game & Watch's, but this one is in a table top unit not too much unlike the Coleco mini arcade machines. I don't know a lot about it, but I do know as usual Donkey Kong Jr. has to save daddy again.

Donkey Kong Jr. (Panorama)

Here is one of the more unique of the Game & Watch games, a panorama edition which was nicely lit up and full of true color. This edition of Donkey Kong Jr. though was quite a bit unique in the path you had to take to save daddy, but the level you work within feels much like the first stage of the arcade edition.

Donkey Kong III (Micro Vs.)

Here in Dnokey Kong III you could play alone or in a group in one of those few fun multi vs. style of the Game & Watch from Nintendo. This one is much like the arcade in which you endlessly spray bugs to get points, no too fun on here though.

Donkey Kong Hockey (Micro Vs.)

Here's another excellent multi vs. Game & Watch, but who would have ever thought that you'd ever see Donkey Kong on ice, and with skates playing Hockey? Nintendo did, and it was a score! This game is highly addictive and fun, and can supply even hours of fun if you play with a friend on the second gamepad.

Donkey Kong Circus (Panorama)

No picture avaliable.
Date: 9/84
Talk about a travesty of justice! Donkey Kong is so humiated, they might as well have killed him while they were at it. In this game you control Donkey Kong on a barrel rolling along juggling pineapples while dodging flames...lame, Lame, LAME!