Nintendo's Game & Watch
Flagman (Silver)

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Date: 6/5/80
Here's a very old and not really fun game for the Game & Watch, you work some flags and manipulate some numbers on screen...whoopie.

Fire (Wide Screen)

Date: 12/4/81
The object of the game is to catch people bailing out of a burning building, and then bound them over and into a waiting ambulance. Simple concept, quite a fun little game especially for its age.

Fire (Silver)

No picture avaliable.
Date: 7/31/80
Same as above, just the original version not on a slightly wider screen.

Fire Attack (Wide Screen)

Date: 3/26/82
The game looks fun, I haven't played it, but from what I can tell your fort is on fire and either you are bailing out, or knocking off some enemy storming the gates.