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Astro Robo Sasa
Utterly lame graphics and audio, and the gameplay is borderline. This one is interesting mainly because it's unique. Gameplay is somewhat like Joust except that you maneuver by shooting in the direction opposite the way you want to go. Not exactly intuitive. Still, it's an intersting challenge for those who liked Lunar Lander.
Atatsuku Animal
A surprisingly good Space Harrier clone, except that your character is now a Japanese schoolgirl, and the terrifying enemies are now cute lil' animals. Colorful graphics, decent "scaling", and passable gameplay. The music is a bit repetitive, though.
Booby Kids
No, it's not a porno game, at least not that I've seen. Your character runs around various arenas trying to collect items and get to the exit. You trap enemies a la Lode Runner, by digging holes for them to fall into temporarily. The graphics are okay and it might be cool if the control weren't so horribly sluggish. The two-player mode makes players take turns. Ugh.
FC Genjin
An excellent conversion of PC Genjin, A.K.A. Bonk's Adventure. The graphics are fantastic and the colors are incredibly vivid. The gameplay should appeal to anyone who likes Super Mario Bros., although Bonk doesn't jump quite high enough for his own good. Consider it if you don't own a Turbografx.
Soap Panic
An unauthorized hentai cart released only in the Orient. The game itself is much like Hextris. You maneuver groups of bubbles so that four of the same color are touching. It's annoying that you can only flip pieces horizontally and vertically; you can't actually rotate them. The graphics are decent but the gameplay and audio are weak. There's no real reason to get it except for the naked chicks, and you'd get more for your money from an issue of Playboy.
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