One Star Emulation Sites
Beercan's Pub - A small archive of ROMs, manuals, and outdated emulators.
NES, Gameboy, Genesis, and Game Gear ROMs

CHAOS Systems - A SNES RPG Roms site (under construction)
RPG Roms

Games Corner - A small page with alphabetized ROMs.
C-64, Gameboy, Game Gear, and Master System ROMs

IHOR - Once an incredible ROM site, closed because of abuse.
A few selected ROM images

It's All Free Romland - A medium sized NES ROM Site
Nintendo ROMs

Joe Crow's Gameboy Home Page - Just an FTP directory with ROMs.
Few Gameboy ROM Images

Mind_Bender's Hacked NES ROMs - small site with limited information
Hacked NES ROMs, Utils., annoying pop-up banners, etc.

Norwegian Emulation Scene - A simple site covering the Amiga, Commodore 64, and Nintendo
Amiga, Commodore 64, and Nintendo ROMs

nu.emu - Quite a large archive of ROMs... some areas are messy.
Genesis ROMs

Syko's Gameboy Page - Virtual Gameboy v0.42?! (Outdated)
ROM Images

Temptation's Wing - Still distributing VSMC and SNES '97... (outdated)
A few ROM Images

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