Two Star Emulation Sites
Atari 2600 ROM Image and Emulator Page - Plain page with many ROMs.
ROMs, Links

Bubble Bobble Altar - Everything you need to know about Bubble Bobble
Cheats, Links, Pictures, ROMs

Emulacao de Consoles - Available in both English / Portuguese
Emulators, Info, Tutorial

Emulation Live - A decent French emulation page
Comparisons, Emulators, Genesis / System 16 SRAM

Emulation Nation - Outdated general emulation site
Outdated Emulators

Emulator Hut - Official #GBINFOW Homepage, Outdated
Articles, Emulators, Links, Messages

Jim Pragit Software - Homebrewn game site authored by the owner of EmuNEWs
Atari 7800 Tech Info, Homebrewn Games

Master Emulation - General emulation site with plain layout
Emulators, Links

MT 1981 Emulation - Very unique design! Has many ROMs.
ROM site for SNES, GB, C64, and Amiga

Pete106's Emulator Frontend Links - Never updated. Need an OLD frontend? Go here.
Frontend News, Links, Message Board

Retro Truama - Arcade
Arcade ROMs, MAME info., Links

The Returners Emulation Page - Gameboy, NES, Super Nintendo
Emulators (Commercial), Links, Utilities

SNES Emulation Hub, The - Outdated SNES page
Emulators, Reviews

Square Translations - Bad use of frames. Homepage for 3 translations.
Square Soft Translations

Top 25 Emulation Sites, the - Vote for your favorite site!

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