Gameboy Wars 2
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"Hi and welcome to the Game Boy Wars #2 translation. This game was a natural progression from Nectaris, unfortunatly although it may be nicer looking, prettier, and flashier, it is not nearly the war game nectaris is. I did however sweat over this one. The kanji method I was using was dumped half way through which lost me about a days worth of work, and on the final day I had to basically refont, and recode most of my work. Okay enough complaining! This is a pretty funky little game. Typical HudsonSoft high quality stuff. BTW please support hudsonsoft games. They RULE, and without continued support we only harm games of the future."

"Thank you's : Omi, Spinner 8, Omizone, Emucamp, Kel, GameBoyEmuHeavan, Sitc, Kueller, The Crash, Flavio, and anybody else who bothered to notice or support our last release!"

"Special Thanks to Puyolin and Cybergoth!!"

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