Naughty Kokkun's Gourmet World
Translated by
Hello Tabo
"I started the translation before I ever knew the game had already been translated as Panic Restaurant. I had already finished the game except for the Fish/Meat thing that I posted on CTC a while ago. After finishing the thing, Dando informed me that it had already been translated as Panic Restaurant. I was kinda disappointed, but I figured I'd just leave it. I downloaded Panic Restaurant and was kinda disappointed though. The title was nowhere near as nice looking, the translation stank (Hors d'Oeuv was changed into Ohdove even though in the original it said in English letter Hors d'Oeuv... I dunno) and (worst of all) they changed the psycho little chef kid into a fat old man! They got rid of most of the psycho expressions and everything! They also shortened the ending, leaving out the funky scenes at the credits. So anyway, since I already had the thing translated I figured I might as well release it and see what people think. Yeah."

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