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"The Villgust algorithm is unique to any RPG I've played, pushing the difficulty level of this game to medium hard, true to the reality of Japanese RPGs being relatively more challenging than English verions. But toughness of play should not deter any RPG-lover from playing Villgust. In fact, once you get into this game, you may find that force driving you forward to be refreshing."

"The game begans when a young hero and his sweetheart are suddenly thrust into a strange, medieval setting. Only Shun's girl is nabbed by an evil magician before the hapless fellow can gather his wits. But a group of strangers befriend Shun, offering to help him find his friend, Michiko; and the quest is on."

"Several levels into the game, players will discover that experience and gold derived from combat will slowly diminish, especially after clearing the main obstacle in a given scene, or mini-quest. Thus, it will serve no purpose to linger for slow level-building battles, for in many cases, local monsters will disappear altogether from that "cleared" setting."

"This featute forces the player to move forward into more forbidding territory, facing much tougher foes. Spend your limited money wisely, upgrading prudently, and you will prevail through the judicious use of weapons, magic, and items."

"If you love classic platform RPGs, Villgust should provide you with many hours of gameplay in a genre heretofore limited by marketing decisions over the past decade. Enjoy!"

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