Wonderboy 2
Translated by
Demi and Neo Demiforce
"Kewl. It's 100% done. i really wasn't planning on resurrecting this translation at all, but one day after ff2j was completed, necrosaro offered to dump me a script and all that good shit, since he was looking at it and saw that the pointer table wasn't that hard to figure out, and there was a bunch of unused space at the end of the script bank that allowed us to use more space than the japanese took (always a pleasant surprise)."

"I'd like to take this space here to say a word about necrosaro. He really is the man - if it weren't for him, ff2j would prolly still be waiting to come out. I was going to write a paragraph on him on the ff2j release page, but it slipped my mind and i forgot (sorry dood). he deserved a lot more credit than the simple word i gave him on the page, since he was really the only guy who spent the time to really code all these nasty script dumpers. i'd do it but i'm lazy lazy lazy! hell yeah. When i work with him, we breeze through translations. This one was done in a few days - we used the font from the old translation and plunked the script in on top of the old shit. pointers were remapped, yadda yadda yadda, here ya go."

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