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"What SearchR does is it will take a word you give it that you know is going to appear somewhere in your file or ROM, and search all 255 possible combinations of that word until it finds some matches. It searches by assuming that if the letter A is for example entry $00, then B must be entry $01, and so on. it does this all relatively with variables; first it assumes letter a is $00 and searches the file for your word using that table index, reports the matches, and then moves on to assume letter A is entry 01 and letter B is entry 02. SearchR will do this repeatedly all the way up until letter A is all the way up at the end of the table index. so simply put, you have searched the file using all possible table combinations.

SearchR is also a graphics viewer.

Thingy "Thingy is a rom hacking program developed in QBASIC, originally for personal use on translations I have been involved in. When my program got more and more advanced and I wrote code to do more and more things, some people started asking if I would ever release my program to the public. At that time, the program had a very limited GUI, and it wouldn't work for any game other than the one I had developed it for. Currently I am trying to make Thingy more user-friendly and make more and more options support more and more games."
"X-Late 3 is a suite of graphic and text editing utilities designed by Planet-X software for amature and professional ROM editors and ROM translators. It boasts an easy to use GUI and a supports the widest spectrum of ROM formats to help kick the living fuck out of the competition."

X-Late is a ROM translating utility originally written by The Brain and continued by The BiGWiERDMaN. An update to v3.0 should be released soon according to the following press release:

"A major bug popped up in the ROM editor, and we were unable to fix it in time for the release. But, we released it anyway. You won't be able to use much of the ROM editor's power (i.e. no typing with keyboard, no search for, replace with, or goto), but most everything else is finished. Also, for some reason the copy/paste tool didn't want to convert between NES/SNES/GB like it was supposed to, so thats not in yet either. I spent 8 hours today (December 24th) trying to get it to work. "Oh well, you'll have to wait till the New Year's release for that. Other features that were planned and are missing were delayed due to the bugs above. Essentially, this release replaces X-Char 3.0. It has several extra features - Speed, stability, multiple pen sizes, better zooming, a larger tile array, copying between ROMs, and palette editing. It will do some very limited text editing... I recommend using XLate by The_Brain until the New Year's release."

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